Even better the second time

Well, I loved my multigrain version of the NY Times No-Knead Bread so much that I just had to make it again. I’m happy to say, this time it was even better. I only made a few changes. (If you missed my recipe the first time, it’s here)

  1. I increased the yeast to almost half a tablespoon
  2. I added even more seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and flax) and millet
  3. I used a combination of 2C bread flour and 1C spelt flour
  4. I let it rise a bit longer than before… about 22 hours for the first rise and then two for the second rise
  5. I punched down the dough a bit during the second rise. I don’t know, I just thought this would help!
  6. I let it bake about five minutes longer

The bread was amazing (so much so that I have another batch of dough rising right now)! Here is a summary of how it was different from my first loaf. I think the numbering matches up so that the changes I made should correspond with the effects I think they had (yes, I am that nerdy, oh well).

  1. This one was less dense, with a better, more delicate crumb. There were all these amazing little air pockets in the finished loaf.
  2. More delicious!
  3. Again, more delicious!
  4. Same as number 1, and a deeper, more pronounced and yeasty/bready flavor that I really liked.
  5. This second loaf was taller than the first, which was, admittedly, kind of flat.
  6. Better crust!

So, all I have to say is, if you have not made this bread yet, MAKE IT!!!!! Don’t be afraid to play with the recipe. I did, and I am so, so, happy with the results. As a former yeast-o-phobe, I’m also still pretty amazed that I, Caitlin, actually made bread, and a good bread at that! My best compliment was from Mark. I gave him a quarter of the loaf to take home, and today he informed me that ate the entire thing last night, toasted, spread with goat cheese, and drizzled with honey. He said it was the best bread he had eaten in a long time. Look, I’d like to take the credit, but I really can’t (well, maybe I’ll take some credit for being so bold with the grains). This is just one keeper of a recipe.

The most awesome part of this bread was that it inspired us to have a picnic with the bread as the guest of honor. We also had:

  • a salad of mixed greens with lemon-dijon vinaigrette and heirloom tomatoes
  • pan-seared tilapia, prepared simply with lemon and fresh cracked pepper
  • a mini spinach and parmesan frittata
  • peppered goat cheese, and another melty, delicious cheese (can’t remember what it’s called!)
  • apricot and strawberry jam to go with the bread and cheese

Yes, I know it’s excessive, but that was pretty much the only meal we ate all day. Really people, what kind of gluttons do you think we are?


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