And the winner is…

This post of course refers to my contest from a couple of weeks ago: Blueberries on The Ceiling.  I asked you all to tell the stories of your most hilarious kitchen mishaps, and you delivered!  It was really hard to pick just one winner, so I didn’t!  I picked two.  

Hold your breath… the winners are ………………………………………………………………………………..

Jackie from Always a Northerner and Ronica from Tales of a Kansas Girl!!

Both of these stories were amazing.  Jackie wrote about a little bit of a misundersanding involving garlic that (I like to think) may have been the experience that sparked her relationship with the man who is now her fiance.  Ronica also wrote about a misunderstanding… in which she accidentaly used 3/4 of a CUP of baking soda in a cookie recipe!! (disclaimer: she was just a kid!)

So… I’ll be sending both of you a copy of one of my favorite food related books: Heat: An Amateur’s Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany (whew!)  by Bill Buford.



And here’s the roundup:

From Adventures in Shaw: Lessons Learned While Making an Opera Cake

From Jackie at Always a Northerner: The Great Garlic Disaster

From Deeba at Passionate about Baking: Floating Macarons

From Britni at Playful Professional: Cringe-Worthy Crockpot Creation

From Ronica at Tales of a Kansas Girl: Want to Borrow My Cookie Recipe?

From Maninas at Food Matters: How to Grill a Food Processor

From Kelly at City Mouse-Country Mouse: Thanksgiving Gone Wrong

From Cathy at Aficionado: Canape Function Gone Wrong

From Smita at Smita Serves You Right: Cooking Light-er


Thanks to everyone who particpated!


2 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Yay! Thanks so much 🙂 We are getting married in two weeks so it’s like an early wedding present. I will email you my address.

  2. Deeba Says:

    Congrats Jackie & Ronica…& thanks all you great foodies for sharing your tales of woe. Made for great reading…funny side-up I would say! Thanks Caitlin, for hosting our disasters & for the round-up. Cheers!!

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