Help a girl out!

Hey everyone,
So today I’ve got a question for you. Well, to be honest it begins with a little bit of an explanation/gripe. Here goes: I’ve got one of these ovens that burns everything, and I mean everything, that I put on the bottom shelf. So don’t put anything on the bottom shelf, right? Well, last night I tried to bake some cookies, and I moved the oven shelves to the top two grooves in the oven. So the shelves were both in the top 2/3 of the oven. And you know what? The bottom tray of cookies still burnt. In five minutes flat.
Now here’s my question. Is there anything I can do about this? I thought about sort of permanently putting an old sheet pan near the bottom of the oven to temper some of the heat, but I’m not sure if that would even work. Does anyone have any suggestions??

Please comment if you’ve got a sec, I need your help!



2 Responses to “Help a girl out!”

  1. audrey Says:

    hey! i’d suggest getting an oven thermometer and doing a test to see what temperature your oven registers. google how to do it – you do something like 325 for 10 minutes and take a reading and then another reading a bit later… it REALLY help me. also, maybe lighter (as in the color of metal) pans?

  2. Brijesh Kumar Says:

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