10 things that make me terribly happy…

Taza at Rockstar Diaries is featuring lists of 10 things that make people terribly happy.  No, it’s not food related, but I just couldn’t resist.  So here’s my list.  You’ll notice I cheated and listed 11 things, but hey, I couldn’t help myself.

What are your 10 things?  Here are mine:

1. The way babies’ hair smells, especially when they’re sleeping

2. Late mornings in bed with a new love

3. Butterfly kisses

4. Potbelly stoves in Vermont

5. Cabins, especially cabins by lakes

6. Learning new languages

7. Bare feet and soft sheets

8. Cooking by instinct, and oven roasted vegetables

9. Making campfires, finding adventures

10. My scrappy little pup, Brillo


*11.  My baby sister.  Xiao Ge, wherever you are, I love you so much.




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