Changing it up

So I made the executive decison that I’ll post the food memories lists one at a time until the deadline.  That seems so much nicer to me.  It means that you can all enjoy each list on its own.  Also, I just wanted to thank Naomi at Rockstar Diaries for inspiring this little collection of lists.  She’s collecting lists of things that make people terribly happy.  Go check them out.

And here’s the first list, from Sarah, who has a wonderful blog, The Application of Heat.

1.  Being forced to drink grapefruit juice with my graham crackers in pre-school.  To this day, I *hate* grapefruit and all of it’s juices!

2.  Having the best meal of my life with my husband on our honeymoon.  It was in Monterrey, California at a Trattoria.  The meal was: Smoked Salmon Ravioli in a Gorgonzola Cream Sauce with King crab legs.  It was amazing!

3.  Eating turkey and Swiss cheese sandwiches with pickles and chips with my best friend while watching ice skating competitions.  We either ate this in the living room on the couches or in her parents room on TV trays.  Go Brian Boitano!

4. Not getting to taste the amazing (according to my family members) Strawberry Baked Alaska that my brother made and took to a family thanksgiving.  I think I chose some other pie instead and when I came back to try it, it was all gone.  You have to choose wisely and/or eat fast in my family!

5.  Making cakes from boxed mixes with my little sister when we were kids.  Go, go sugar high!

6.  My mother often cooked things we didn’t like, like brussle sprouts.  We hated them because they were always horribly overcooked (she now makes lovely brussel sprouts).  She made us sit at the table until we ate them (much like meatloaf, see the post below).  One time, my brother and I decided we had to find a way out of eating those disgusting garbage bombs.  So… we threw them on the ceiling!  And they stuck! We were so proud of ourselves.  We almost got away with it too… except when Mom came in to find our plates empty of brussel sprouts one fell off the ceiling and plopped onto the floor.  Busted!  That was a fun night of cleaning for us!

7.  Shopping at the farmer’s market in Lancaster, PA with my best girl friends and then going home to grill kebabs.  I pine for a year round Amish farmer’s market here…  and to hang out with my best girl friends again!

8. The first year I started a vegetable garden from scratch and ended up with a million tomatoes.  I over-estimated the amount of plants I would need.  The bounty was wonderful!

9.  The time I tried to make soy sauced chicken in my wok and burned it so badly a thick acrid smoke filled the house.  There was a 1/2 inch thick crust of “burned” on the bottom of the wok…  Also similar to the “Ham Bone Soup” incident.  The story is the same, except replace “soy sauced chicken” with “Ham and Bean Soup”.  I received a lot of guff from my roommate for that one… 😀

10.  Having a food fight when I worked as a cook in the kitchen of a camp.  There was all this leftover strawberry mousse from a cake roll we had made… it was the end of camp… what else could we do?


Thanks Sarah!


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