Audrey’s Top Tens

Here’s another list of top ten food-related memories from Audrey, who’s got a new blog, Superfine Spot. Go check it out! Here are her memories, short and sweet.

  1. age 3, throwing a tantrum bc the restaurant didn’t offer french fries on the menu
  2. age 6, thinking i was soooo “grown-up” for eating Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream
  3. age 9, eating 12 grapes on new year’s at midnight with my grandma to symbolize good luck in the year ahead
  4. age 11, baking a chocolate mousse pie with rum from nytimes
  5. age 13, getting food poisoning from “pigs wrapped in a blanket” appetizers and becoming a vegetarian..
  6. age 17, one word: Starbucks
  7. age 18, granny smith apples + crunchy peanut butter + honey + cinnamon
  8. age 21, chilean sea bass- first animal protein in 8 years
  9. age 24, stock piling gigantic apples straight from a local farm
  10. age 30, discovering the two best ways to make kabocha- thanks to food nerd

photo by 莎小莉‘ via flickr


2 Responses to “Audrey’s Top Tens”

  1. audrey Says:

    pssst… awesome picture choice!
    thx for posting.

  2. May Top Tens, the Winner! « Food*Nerd Says:

    […] Audrey’s Top Tens – Audrey has a new blog called Superfine Spot.  It’s only been a month and she’s already got a ton of posts! […]

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