Plutosangel’s Top Tens

Here’s another wonderful list of top ten food-related memories from Plutosangel at One of a Grind. I love envisioning the “dal” in number 3. I had so many failed cooking experiments as a kid, so I love stories like that. Enjoy! And thanks to Plutosangel!

1. My late grandmother once bought a miniature ceramic tea set for me. I would drink cups and cups of ”tea” (read: water) from it and offer everyone their cups. My sister and grandmother would play along for hours with me.

2. My kiddie battery operated Kitchen Set. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. There was a 75% discount sale in that store, and you wont believe it but I actually pushed everyone and bought it before anyone could even read the carton.

3. My first attempt at Dal. I was 7 I had seen my mum make dal and assumed it was really easy. I filled a glass with water and mixed turmeric, salt and (a tablespoon of) asafoetidia. Then I stirred it and took a sip. I almost threw up.

4. The first time I made Chocolate chip cookies with my sister. Sis started getting bored of making multiple batches and suggested that we make one chocolate chip cookie with all the batter rather than many.

I didn’t understand what she meant by that so she explained, “I mean instead of many chocolate chip cookies lets make one CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE” she said that in a hoarse voice and a really distorted expression to emphasise the size. I almost died by laughter that day. 😀

5. On our Holiday in Dubai we went on the Desert Safari and ate the most exotic kababs on earth. I did a foolish thing I thought I was being greedy and left one skewer which turned out to be the best one. (I stole a couple of pieces from my sisters plate- So I was greedy anyway :P

6. Once on a holiday to a hill-station during the monsoon we bought some of the freshest, most delicious radish, the sweetest corn and the juiciest carrots. I don’t think I’d ever eaten vegetables that tasted so good

7. Id- Ul-Fitr every year is the most awesome time (probably the only real festival we have anyway) Sheer Kurma and Qurbaani Mutton Biryani just gets better every year

8. I love getting assorted chocolate boxes as gifts. My sister and I would read the label and the description of each type of chocolate and rate them according to preference.

9. Samosa Pav at my School Cafeteria and Chinese Bhel at my College Cafeteria. Not to forget the Paneer Schezwan Frankie outside school. The Mix Fountain Soda was another School favourite. It’s a unique combination of Sprite, Pepsi and Fanta. Too bad they stopped it because it was unhealthy for the kids (Spoilsports)

10. My first experience with Chello Kabab at Blue Nile in Pune. Its flavoured rice with Seekh Kababs. The dish looks dull and flavourless but the minute you mouth a spoonful, you’re in Heaven. We always eat there when in Pune.

Photo from Romanlily via Flickr


2 Responses to “Plutosangel’s Top Tens”

  1. plutosangel Says:

    Caitlin the post looks better here than on my blog! the picture is gr8! thanks 😀

  2. May Top Tens, the Winner! « Food*Nerd Says:

    […] Plutosangel’s Top Tens – Plutosangel’s blog is One of a Grind, and she’s got some really intriguing recipes and writing. […]

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