These days, my attention span at work is pretty short.  I think I’ve got senioritis.  I’m leaving in a few days, and with all the exciting stuff ahead of me, it’s hard to stay focused.  But I’m trying, damn it.  Yes I am.  This morning I noticed a wonderful post from Jenifer on Nectar and Light that I’m trying, for the sake of my job, to pretend I didn’t see (at least till I get home!).  Not only is her blog fabulous, she listed a bunch of her favorite blogs, many of which I have never seen before, so I’m SO excited to check them out.  I did a quick peek, and let me tell you, she’s hip to some incredible-looking blogs.  Go check out her post here, that is, if you’ve got time to spare.  If not, stay far, far away from that link.


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