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Some more

July 9, 2009

So I am in the final stages of packing up my apartment, which means that I’m not doing much cooking at all. My “cooking” has consisted of such gourmet dinners as: “Figs with peanut butter” and “Leftover Ethiopian Takeout”, which, to tell you the truth, I’ve kind of been enjoying. Sometimes it’s nice to eat in a really simple, ramshackle way. Anyway, since I don’t think you want my recipe for figs with peanut butter (or in case you do, here it is: cut dried figs in half and spread them with peanut butter. eat.), I’ve decided to give you some more photos. This batch is also from the 4th of July.

Above: That’s the art museum in the background, and the street lights leading up to it on the diagonals. I just love the soft light in this one.

This little girl was so sweet. She seemed really overwhelmed by all the people, but excited for the fireworks!

This girl was cute too… Totally enthralled with the glow sticks.

More to come tomorrow… have a great night!